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The Bible

The Bible


The Bible by Tony Wolf is an excellent and highly-acclaimed collection of Bible stories for children. These 27 favourite stories from Scripture, brimming with adventure and wonder, recount how God revealed Himself to His people.


Children will delight in the richly colourful and playful illustrations on every page, each bringing to life a timeless story for them to enjoy over and over again. The large square format, gold corners on the cover, and padded hardcover binding signal this as a special treasury of Bible stories that makes a lovely gift or a volume that families will value for a lifetime.


Set in large easily readable type, The Bible has been a favourite among Catholics for over fifteen years. This book is great educational resource for children seeking to know more about the Word of God. 


Hardcover (padded) : 64 pages

Reading Age: 5 and above

Size: 29.5 x 29 cm

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