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St Patrick’s Cathedral is an integral part of Melbourne, and its history tells us much about the State’s birth and growth. Situated on the fringe of the city grid, close enough to the heart of Melbourne to be a powerful presence and breathe with a life of its own. The beauty of the Cathedral speaks of the glory of God. Its peace reaches to our innermost heart, and its welcome to those who pass by is of a God who is ever compassionate to us, his people. We are delighted to share a precious part of our faith, culture and heritage with you.


The Cathedral Shop was founded in November 2005. It is renowned for a variety of high-quality and affordable products both locally made and from around the world.
The shop also sells exclusive range of products inspired by the architectural splendour and magnificent interior of St Patrick's Cathedral; this includes reference books on the Cathedral, CDs, postcards and many more souvenirs to remind visitors of their time at St Patrick's Cathedral and in Melbourne, Australia.

When you buy from us, whether online or in the shop, you are helping to maintain the ministry and fabric of the Cathedral.

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