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St Nicholas Statue

St Nicholas Statue


Nicholas was born around the year 260, in Patara, in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey), at a time when the Emperor Diocletian ordered the persecution and killing of Christians. Nicholas was arrested, but never renounced Christianity and always maintained his faith in God.


Nicholas is known for dedicating his life to the poorest people, children and charity, and there are many miracles attributed to him, among which he resuscitated three children.


Nicholas was canonised by the Church and was later associated with the figure of Father Christmas.

Nicholas is the patron saint of Russia, Greece, and Norway, and patron of the cities of Amsterdam and Moscow, of children, sailors, students and archers.


His feast day is 6 December.


The Little Drops collectible statues series help your children, grandchildren or godchildren to learn about Jesus, Mary and the Saints.


Size : 10 cm H

  • Gift boxed for easy giving and receiving
  • Very high-quality resin 
  • Beautifully hand-painted
  • Perfect gift for any occasion ( baptism, first holy communion, confirmation and so forth)