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Rejoicing Poster

Rejoicing Poster


Artwork by Sr Mary Stephen CRSS


From a series of images for prayer, reflection, meditation and contemplation.


'Cry out with joy to God all the earth.' (Psalm 99(100) vs.1)

'Rejoice in the Lord, exult in his presence.' (Psalm 67(68)vs.5b)

God is everywhere, in everything and all around us. He is the source of life flowing through all creation; the life-blood of the universe.We discover that the whole fabric of creation is woven through the thread of God's light, and that in the depth of our own being God dwells.


That is what prayer is all about - a journey of discovery.These images show something of the depth and breadth of prayer, from listening to stillness, through suffering to joy and praise. This life of prayer is a journey into the depths of the mystery which is God.


Size: 42 x 66 cm; Matt laminated on front / gloss laminated on reverse.