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Overwhelmed Poster

Overwhelmed Poster

SKU: 5039126000095

Artwork by Sr Mary Stephen CRSS 


From a series of images for prayer, reflection, meditation and contemplation. 

'I have entered the waters of the deep and the waves overwhelm me.' (Psalm 68(69)v3)
'Your torrents and waves swept over me.' (Psalm 41(42)v8)

When I come before God burdened with the burden of living, I bow down low with my face in my hands as though I am being crushed by waves of sadness.

God is on our exhaustion and despair. If we rest in him then gradually we will begin to unwind. Our scattered thoughts will calm down and peace will enter our hearts. We shall have the strength to rise up and start again.


Size: 42 x 66 cm; Matt laminated on front / gloss laminated on reverse.