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Mother Mary  Scented Candle

Mother Mary Scented Candle




Red roses, sweet strawberries & pure musk.


Mother Mary is a central figure of Christianity, known by many different titles including Virgin and Queen. Through her Immaculate Conception, God set Mary apart for Himself “as one would cherish the prettiest flower in the Garden,” and in respect we call her the “Mystical Rose.”


Mary is known for her purity, love, kindness and holiness. She is also responsible for many miracles and healings, and it is believed that when she was conceived, she was born without the taint of original sin. This miracle is known as “The miracle of the Immaculate conception”. 


● All natural ingredients

● Pure soy wax

● 275g | 50 hours

● Hand drawn illustrations by an Australian artist

● Prayer cards printed on 100% recycled paper

● Lid made out of real wood

● Handmade in Tasmania, AUSTRALIA