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Glimpses of the Divine

Glimpses of the Divine

SKU: 17202

Writing with a reflective and perceptive gaze, Gemma Simmonds has shared depth and richness of insight into Sieger Koder's work. She sees symbols and themes in the images that link to Scriptures and opens up a meaningful reflective space for others to consider and be enriched by these powerful images.


Sieger Koder, a priest and painter, uses image of Scruptures and daily life to show that we can find God in everything. We are privileged to offer a collection of Fr Koder paintings in a very accessible format for personal and group meditation on the Word of God. 


May this book help you to look more deeply into your own reality and catch there a glimpse of the God who hides but longs to be found.


Dimension:  15 x 16 cm 

80 pages paperback 


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