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Listening Poster

Listening Poster


Artwork by Sr Mary Stephen CRSS 


From a series of images for prayer, reflection, contemplation and meditation. 

'Truly I have set my soul in silence and peace.' (Psalm 130(131)vs.2)

'In quietness and trust shall your strength be.' (Psalm 30,vs.15)

To find the path we are called to travel, and to follow it through thick and thin, we must learn to listen to God.

We must become attentive in the depths of our hearts. We need to make space for him in our busy lives and find a quiet place where we can sit still and wait on his presence.

His word is alive and active, full of creative power. When we truly listen it remains with us, abiding in us, so that we are in God's presence at all times.

His word will be our peace and our guide, our strength and consolation.


Size: 42 x 66 cm; Matt laminated on front / gloss laminated on reverse.