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Media Vita - John Sheppard

Media Vita - John Sheppard

SKU: CDA68187

Even by the standards of a time and place—Tudor England—in which masterpieces of choral polyphony appear to have been virtually an everyday occurrence, there is something uniquely and intensely compelling about the surviving works of John Sheppard.


This is music designed to be sung by liturgical professionals, and none rise to its demands quite like Westminster Cathedral Choir.


Track list:

1. Media vita in morte sumus

2. Sancte Deus

3. Nunc dimittis

4. Ne proiicias nos in tempore senectutis

5. Sancte Deus

6. Noli claudere aures tuas

7. Sancte fortis

8. Qui cognoscis occulta cordis

9. Sancte et misericors Salvator

10. Gaude, gaude, gaude Maria

11. Gabrielem archangelum scimus

12. Dum virgo Deum et hominem genuisti

13. O benigna quae sola

14. Gloria Patri et Filio

15. Gloria

16. Credo

17. Sanctus

18. Benedictus

19. Agnus Dei I

20. Agnus Dei II

21. Agnus Dei III