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Christ Our Morning Star

Christ Our Morning Star

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This book opens with one of Sieger Koder's most beautiful images of creation. We see Christ as the fullness of God's creation and we accompany him on his journey into our world, to live as we do. By his death and resurrection he acts as a model and Saviour for us all.


The passion of our planet is the passion of Christ himself 'and in his rising our hope of resurrection dawns' (Easter liturgy). Sieger Koder uses images of Scriptures and daily life to show that we can find God in everything - if only we have eyes to see.


We feel privileged to offer you this rich reflection on Fr Koder's paintings in an accessible format and we hope it will be a valuable resource for you as the Spirit continues to open your understanding of the Scriptures in the gentle radiance of Christ our Morning Star.


Dimension:  15 x 16 cm 

80 pages paperback