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Artful Heart - Believe Santa

Artful Heart - Believe Santa

SKU: 1003480114

Sentiment : " Believe " 


Art Hearts is a curated collection of heart-shaped keepsake sculptures which feature images and meaningful sentiments that celebrate the bonds which exist between friends, family and all the special people in our lives.  


This jolly Art Heart features a red-cheeked Santa Claus surrounded by gifts. The colourful design provides a joyous backdrop for the simple word, "Believe."


Comes with special packaging and ornamental key. The Art Heart is uniquely designed to either hang as a conventional ornament with a hanging cord or to stand. A beautiful, ornamental key is included, which serves as an easel when placed in the keyhole opening at the back of the sculpture, enabling it to stand.


Dimensions: 10cm H x 9cm W x 3cm D