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Vision Poster

Vision Poster

SKU: 73SK20

Artwork by Sieger Koder of Germany. 


Vision: Truly Yahweh is in this place and I never knew it! Genesis 28:16.


This poster is part of the theme of a journey of faith and a dream fulfilled. It is God’s dream and ours, fulfilled in Jesus, Emmanuel – God With Us.


Sieger Köder is without doubt one of the most famous religious artists of modern time in Germany. His works, whether large paintings or altar-pieces, illustrations for religious books, posters or small card reproductions - always reveal inner strength and commitment. Particularly striking are his use of colour, with very strong tones, and the context surrounding his biblical subjects. Sieger himself gives a definition of his art: Mirror and symbol of what we experience in real life.


Size: 68 x 44 cm; Matt laminated on front / gloss laminated on reverse.