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Theotokos of Vladimir (Russian, 15th c.) Icon

Theotokos of Vladimir (Russian, 15th c.) Icon

SKU: C2T829M

One of the beloved icon of the Virgin Mary in the world, this tenderness style icon now in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.


In 1155 Prince Andrew Bogoliubsky was directed by the Virgin in a dream to move her icon from Kiev to the city of Vladimir in northern Russia; thus the name “Of Vladimir”.


The Virgin is depicted raising her right hand in veneration of her Son, while her face shows silent suffering, calmness, and compassion, not sentimentality.  


This Icon is produced in a small monastery of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the beautiful southwest of Wisconsin USA. It is believe to be the largest selection of historical icons produced and distributed anywhere in the world. 


Material : Wood 

Size : 15 x 20 cm

Made in USA