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SKU: CDA67938

This release from the admired Westminster Cathedral Choir demonstrates the splendours of the liturgy in the at-once solemn and joyful period of Lent.


Masterworks from the Renaissance—familiar from Westminster Cathedral Choir’s previous award-winning recordings—alternate with works by former organists of the Cathedral (all themselves masters of liturgical composition) and are linked by the plainchant which is at the spiritual heart of the music.


Hearing the music like this in context—and recorded in the unique acoustic of the Cathedral—perfectly replicates the live experience for the listener.


Track list:

1. Attende, Domine - Plainsong

2. Miserere mei, Deus - George Malcolm

3. Emendemus in melius - William Byrd

4. Missa Emendemus in melius  - Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

5. Kyrie

6. Agnus Dei

7. Scapulis suis - George Malcolm

8. Audi, benigne conditor , Anonymous - liturgical

9. In spiritu humilitatis - Giovanni Croce

10. Evigila super nos, Anonymous - liturgical

11. Magnificat quarti toni - David Bevan

12. Evigila super nos, Anonymous - liturgical

13. Lustus ut palma - Colin Mawby

14. Mass IX 'Cum iubilo', Anonymous - liturgical

15. Kyrie

16. Gloria

17. Veritas mea - George Malcolm

18. Credo IV, Anonymous - liturgical

19. Ave Maria - Robert Parsons

20. Sanctus and Benedictus

21. Agnus Dei

22. Ave virgo sanctissima - Francisco Guerrero

23. Te lucis ante terminum I - Thomas Tallis

24. Salva nos, Domine , Anonymous - liturgical

25. Nunc dimittis tertii toni - George Malcolm

26. Salva nos, Domine, Anonymous - liturgical