Icon of the Supplication

Icon of the Supplication


This brightly coloured contemporary icon of the Deisis (from the Greek word for Supplication) was painted in 1992 and is from the Nea Skiti on Mount Athos.


The Lord sits on His Throne in Glory as He will appear on the Day of Judgment to separate the sheep from the goats. He has an open Gospel Book signifying that His message has gone out over all the earth and this message has given the standard by which all men will be judged. His right hand is raised in blessing.


Our Lady stands now in His Glory as she did on His right hand at His Crucifixion, supplicating with St. John the Forerunner who stands on Christ’s left, interceding on behalf of us sinners to implore Christ to forgive and have mercy on us.


This 20th c.  Greek icon was reproduced in a small monastery of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the beautiful southwest of Wisconsin USA. It is believe to be the largest selection of historical icons produced and distributed anywhere in the world. 


Size : 10.5  x 15 cm