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Apôtres et Martyrs - Gregorian Chant

Apôtres et Martyrs - Gregorian Chant


Choir of the monks of Solesmes directed by Dom Jean Claire

One will find gathered in this disc the most characteristic Gregorian pieces, both for the office and for the mass, sung during the feasts of Apostles, martyrs and doctors of the Church. The hearing of this anthology particularly highlights the great plasticity of the Greogorian melody by which the music marvelously emphasizes the eminent dignity of the Apostles who spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth, of the martyrs who spread their blood for Christ and teachers who strengthen the Church by their example and their teaching.


Common of Apostles  Track 1 - 10

Common of Martyrs    Track 11- 23

Common of the Doctors of the Elise  Track 24-36